The following individuals, businesses, and organizations have endorsed Ballot Initiative 83.

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  • Councilmember Christina Henderson (At-Large)
  • Councilmember Matthew Frumin (Ward 3)


  • Commissioner Zachary Adams (SMD 2B08)
  • Commissioner Abel Amene (SMD 4D02)
  • Commissioner Stephen Cobb (SMD 5D04)
  • Commissioner Quentin Colón Roosevelt (SMD 3D03)
  • Commissioner Robb Dooling (SMD 6A06)
  • Commissioner Bradley Gallagher (SMD 1E01)
  • Commissioner Aman George (SMD 4D06)
  • Commissioner Huma Imtiaz (SMD 5E04)
  • Commissioner Tiffani Johnson (SMD 4B06)
  • Commissioner Tucker Jones (SMD 1B09)
  • Commissioner VJ Kapur (SMD 5C07)
  • Commissioner Stephen Kenny (SMD 1A05)
  • Commissioner Lynda Laughlin (SMD 1C06)
  • Commissioner Vince Mareino (SMD 6B07)
  • Commissioner Rick Murphree (SMD 8F02)
  • Commissioner Erin Palmer (SMD 4B02)
  • Commissioner Tom Quinn (SMD 3E04)
  • Commissioner Lisa D. T. Rice (SMD 7B07)
  • Commissioner Nandini Sen (SMD 5B02)
  • Commissioner Brian Strege (SMD 8F03)
  • Commissioner Travis R. Swanson (SMD 7B03)
  • Commissioner Joseph Van Wye (SMD 1C04)
  • Commissioner Michael Wray (SMD 1E03)
  • Commissioner Peter Wood (SMD 1C03)
  • Commissioner Evan Yeats (SMD 4B04)

NOTE: Titles of elected officials are provided for identification purposes only; all listed endorsements by elected officials have been made in their personal capacity, and do not necessarily represent the views of their Commission(s), Committee(s), or any other governmental entity.


  • DC for Democracy
  • DC Marijuana Justice
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
  • Eckington Civic Association
  • FairVote
  • League of Women Voters DC
  • Mintwood Strategies
  • Open Primaries
  • Rank The Vote
  • RepresentWomen


  • Ankit Jain (Candidate for US Shadow Senator)
  • Wendy Hamilton (Candidate for US Shadow Senator)

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